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1 Book & 2 DVDs:  
“Dogsteps: A New Look”, “Dogsteps:  What to Look dog in a Dog”, “Canine Cineradiography”
RECOMMENDED FOR:  judges, breeders


RACHEL PAGE ELLIOTT for a very long time has been acknowledged as an expert in the U.S.A. - but also worldwide - by the most respectable specialists in the field of dog movement.  Using cineradiography machinery, she captured in moving x-rays canine movement providing new information on how the bones and joints move.  She has made countless lectures using optical aids in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe, England, Scotland, Wales, Scandinavia, Europe and Australia, awakening the breeders as to how important it is that they recognise the positive and negative points in the movement of a dog.  She was the owner and breeder of many breeds but her main breed was the Golden Retriever (Featherquest Kennel).  She had served as President of the  Golden Retriever Club of America, the Woman's Dog Club of Massachussettes, on O.F.A.'s Board of Directors (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and twice names "Woman of the Year".  In 1998 the A.K.C. honored her as the first recipient of the "Lifetime Achievement Award" in the field of conformation (the relation between anatomical construction and the breed standard).  It is well worth visiting the website of the Golden Retriever Club of America to read the section they have dedicated to this remarkable woman.

by Rachel Page Elliott
Copyright 2001
ISBN: 0-944875-73-4
Publishing Co:  Doral Publishing Inc.

translation forthcoming.....

DOGSTEPS: What to Look for in a Dog
by Rachel Page Elliott
Copyright 1998
ISBN-13: 978-1-929242-25-2
ISBN-10:         1-929242-25-5
65 minutes

translation forthcoming....

Supplementary DVD
A Study of Bone and Joint Motion as Seen through Moving X-Rays
by Rachel Page Elliott
Copyright 2002
ISBN-13: 978-1-929242-26-9
ISBN-10:         1-929242-26-3           
45 minutes

translation forthcoming.....


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